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Phil Cornock is a fully insured Vermont State Asbestos Inspector. He has owned and operated Anglo-American Environmental (AAE) since 2004.

What Phil has to say:

" With over 30 years of professional experience within the asbestos industry I am fully aware of how difficult it is for most people to be able to afford any sort of remedial action to do with the subject of asbestos. I have seen Companies quote for work that is not necessarily needed or required under either State or Federal Regulations. Due to my past close working relationships with both Federal and State Asbestos Agencies I can assure you that Anglo-American Environmental will not only quote you a fair and VERY competitive price for any work performed, but will NEVER quote you for work that is not required. Feel free to call me at any time, information is free. Thank-you for choosing my Web-Site."

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Hear what others have said:

"I want to thank you for your work in Randolph. But I particularly want to offer my own personal thanks for the courtesies, services, advice, and professionalism you and your organization have extended to me." Melvin E. Adams - Town Manager

"Not only did he offer sound advice with regard to the EPA notification requirements, he also visited the site, performed the necessary inspection and testing, arranged for an independent lab to analyze the results the next day, and provided the names of certified contractors to contact should any asbestos remediation be required. Due to his positive, helpful, can do approach to helping us solve a problem, within a few days of our initial contact, the project was back underway. As a result, we are now aware of important health requirements that will be considered in our future planning and will approach such projects, with...a positive, proactive attitude."
Carl S. Williams - Stratton Mountain Vice President

"Our Head Start program in Bellows Falls is very much an active place, humming with the voices of children and teachers at last! I want to thank you particularly for the special effort you made in coming to Gageville to check for the asbestos condition of the building. Your willingness to inspect the space in a very timely way enabled us to open the center by mid November and serve children as early as possible. You have made us in the southern part of Vermont feel well connected with the rest of the state by making such an effort! As the interim grantee for the Windham County Head Start program, we have been rushing to provide services to children. With the help of people such as you, we have been able to do this with speed and financial ease. I also appreciate your explaining as you moved through the building." Susan J. Dyer, Coordinator for Head Start of Windham County

" I appreciate your consistent accomodation of our requests to review potential projects which present difficult design issues. In addition, your first hand knowledge of the industry makes for a reasonable approach to helping us meet our goals of safe and cost efficient abatement techniques."
Elisabeth Baker, Supervisor of Asbestos Management Program, University of Vermont

"We recently purchased a home in Vermont, which had asbestos in the basement... he patiently and thoroughly answered questions not covered in the written information. While not advising me to a specific course of action, he gave me the information necessary to decide how to manage the asbestos in our home. At my request, he also inspected our basement during the removal procedure, where he made several suggestions to the contractor and responded to my concerns. I believe he was instrumental in ensuring the safest removal possible."
Susan Todhunter, Vermont Homeowner



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